Vintage Paper

11 years ago

Vintage Paper
Vintage Paper

How to make newspaper or paper look vintage for a collage?

I need to make either paper or newspaper look tinted or tainted yellow (an old paper feel) but all I have are new newspapers. I have no clue how I’d make it look old and I’m thinking there has to be an easy way. Thanks

Tea. Instant tea or tea bags. Pour a cup of tea (liquid tea, that is, already made) into a pan that’s big enough for the paper to lie in (folded, maybe, in the case of a newspaper). Don’t leave it there too long. Just about 30 seconds. Then let it dry. (I put mine in the microwave for a little bit–but keep an eye on it!)

If you want to go a step further…

BEFORE the tea dip, wad the paper up into a ball so that it gets good and wrinkled. Then iron it. Then do the tea dip.

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