Vintage Strawberry

10 years ago

Vintage Strawberry
Vintage Strawberry

Most Random Survey Ever.?

Name: Stefaniee
Age: 14
Location: England
Height: 5″6
Shoe size: 7
Fave colour: Black and White
What are you wearing right now: A ditsy print dress and brown cardi
Fave tv programe: The hills and gossip girl
Fave outfit: Vintage ysl blazer, american apparel black body con dress, vintage chloe boots
Fave magazine/book: Vogue, A to zoe and influence.
Fave celebrity: Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie
Fave food: Strawberries
Fave drink: Red Bull or coffee
Do you have pets: A puppy called cookie
What do you have for breakfast: Normally a banana and a coffee
What career do you aspire to have: A shoe designer
When was the last time you said ‘cake’: erm..about 3 days ago
Fill out the spaces in the sentence: I sat down on a _____ and smiled. It was nice to get away from_______ once in a while. I then turned around and looked out the window, only to see_________ standing on the front garden. I ran downstairs and opened the door, and the______said________. “NO WAY”, i said.

Pink & Black
A calvin klein top and trouses
Juicy Couture
J-14 , M , Urgent mesege of wowness ,
Mariah Carey ( Because she AMMAAAZING , and has the same name as me ! lol) , Beyonce , Jennifer Aniston , The rest of cast from Friends , Karren , Will , Grace and JACK from will & grace, Stewie Griffin, Oprah Whinfrey
Tapas, Pizza , Mediteranian , Chinese , Italian
Strawberry milkshake , Red Bull , Orange
Cat called twinkle
Toast? English muffin sometimess..
Oprah . LOL, Talk show host , Actress , Designer
Im reading this aloud so the last time I said cake was now.
I sat on the statue of liberty and smiled. It was nice to get away from hong kong one in a while . I then turned around and looked out the window , only to see Mariah Carey , Oprah and JACK standing in the front garden. i ran downstairs and opened the door , And the celebs said ” We’re coming to live with you ! ” . “NO WAY”
, i said.

( This does not make sence I know , lol )


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