Vintage Thompson

11 years ago

Vintage Thompson
Vintage Thompson

A Holiday diamond jewelry purchase may be just the item that makes this a Christmas to remember! Whether it be a new diamond ring, diamonds earrings, pendant, bracelet or some other piece of jewelry, the Holiday season can be a perfect time to express your undying devotion to those you love with a diamond all their own! There are a few things to keep in mind when buying diamond jewelry for the holidays, and here’s a few of them.


Everyone has their own personal style, and to have the best shot at finding something that compliments their natural chosen style you need to come armed with facts. What do they like? Classic, contemporary, or vintage styling? What metal do they prefer. Exclusively gold, platinum, silver? Do they like bold or subtle jewelry, and what size are the pieces they own now?


Diamond jewelry can come in many shapes and settings. Some choices might include a round diamond, a marquise cut or oval, a princess cut or emerald, pear or heart; as well as many other cuts and shapes and indeed even colors of diamond jewelry out there. Finding someone’s personal preference when it comes to diamond jewelry can be a tricky endeavor; you don’t want to give it away! See what they gaze at when window shopping; you may get a hint at some of the things they like. Be sure to take into consideration the size and shape of their hands, particularly for a woman. Imagine how it would look on her hands. If you’re in a retail store have a clerk with similar hand structure model it for you. The last thing you want to do is have a large ring that overwhelms her hand.


You may have to become a secret agent to get this info, but it would be nice to have an idea of size when you’re Choosing that ring. Another option is simply buying loose diamonds and shopping together for the setting. You’re still her knight in shining armor and she get to choose how it shines!


This part is getting easier and easier. In addition to the diamond retailers in your area, the internet has revolutionized diamond jewelry shopping, to the extent where it’s now preferable to do your diamond shopping online. Time, convenience, much more readily available information and inventory make diamond jewelry shopping on the net an no- brainer. You often run into great prices online as well, as there is no overhead online and also no commissioned salesperson there to “guide” you into the diamond jewelry they want to sell you, not necessarily what you want. No pressure, no lines, no parking, no crime, and all the major diamonds retailers have an online presence, as well as some that are purely web-based. Let me ask you: would you rather buy your diamond jewelry from a seasonal employee who is selling you what they have left on hand, or make a much more informed and leisurely decision from a web-based retailer with a great deal more inventory and probably better prices? Okay, you decide! Most of the major Most all online stores will offer you guarantees and return privileges, and in my view putting my credit card online is a great deal safer than giving it to an eighteen year old dying for the latest XBOX.

If you’re looking for diamonds for the holidays, let your fingers do the walking and find that perfect piece they’ll adore forever!

If you’d like more information on diamond jewelry please take a moment and come see us at

seth thompson clock?

i recently aquired a vintage seth thompson mantle clock, i am looking into selling it but i have no idea of its worth , i have been on ebay but i havent found one that looks like it does anyone know where to find out how much they are worth ?

For a small fee an antique dealer can appraise it for you.

Vintage Thompson Speedway….1996 Heats and Features

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