Vinyl Sheet

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Vinyl Sheet
Vinyl Sheet

European design has always attracted the rest of the world, creations from a continent where civilization flourished early on. French and English architecture proliferated with their uncompromising artistry and intricate detailing. No modern residential expanse would be caught without those influences in their entry doors and windows, the most visible parts of the home from the outside. Italian and Scandinavian furniture design enjoy the same popularity at present, dominating the market for contemporary front doors and apertures with crisp, clean lines on one hand and superior craftsmanship on the other.

In architecture and the rest of the arts, labeling something as modern may be taken two opposing ways, as either present-day or in reference to modernism, a movement in the late 19th to early 20th century toward innovating conventional ideas. Thus, modern entrances may mean modernistic period doors taking off of the Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian such as art nouveau and neo-Georgian, and art deco eras. Otherwise, contemporary front doors are reflective of ideas borne out of recent times, which at this point revolve highly around the sensible use of space and natural resources.

A great example is the non-fussy, all smooth facings seen in several modern entryways, especially flush doors made with fine plywood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) and molded doors made with MDF or HDF (high density fiberboard). Stainless steel, clear and frosted glass, vinyl, sheet metal and composite materials are highly sought after, along with rust and warp resistant fiberglass and veneer that eliminated the need to stain or paint. Wood grain, silver and chrome finishes, glazing and double glazing are all common marks of contemporary interior design.

A fresh set of hardwood and softwood varieties, including maple and pine, offer a break from oak, mahogany and other timbers once favored for older wood doors. Closet doors are also inspiring contemporary front doors and exterior doors with their efficient use of floor space, such as bypass or pocket type sliding, double and bifold. Space-saving sliding glass doors known as Arcadia and energy-saving revolving doors that consume fewer air conditioning are added to great effect, as are sidelites / sidelights, mullions and transoms.

Jimmy Alexander is a reviewer about Contemporary Front Doors. Please visit his Sliding Closet Doors site for more information.

any tips on laying vinyl sheet flooring down steps?

I have three steps going to the basement and want to lay vinyl except I am having trouble making it form to steps

It’s hot where I’m at this time of year. I would try laying the vinyl in the hot sun for a while and then try to form it quickly. If it takes too long and starts to cool use your hair drier, not too close to burn.

How to paint on a vinyl sheet Part 1

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