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Visual migraine is a migraine type which called also as ophthalmic migraine and ocular migraine. It is like normal migraine as it affects blood vessels. It is affecting the blood veins which linked to the brain vision center.

Visual disturbances are the main episode of optical migraines. It remains for 15 to 30 minutes. It is started as a semi circular shimmering light with a jagged edge. Jagged area obscures the seeing ability. A headache pain may be occurred with visual disturbance but is rare. The most common optical migraine symptoms are heightened light sensitivity, vomiting and nausea. There is no specific reason for ocular migraine but there are many common triggers such as shifting the levels of estrogen, certain foods, alcohol, stress, eyestrain, dehydration, depression and fatigue.

Visual migraine disturbance may also be resulting from brain blood clotting, detaching retina and other eye conditions so you need to visit neurologist or ophthalmologist to make sure that you have a visual migraine.

A Visual migraine may cause damage to your eyes or brain since it comes with a headache. You need to visit a doctor a take the proper medication if that happened. Naproxen, ibuprofen and other over the counter medication could be taken to treat migraines.

You can also prevent attacks by taking aspirin and other NSAID non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. They can keep the normal size of the arteries. Medication products should be taken after beginning the aura. The vision is hampered, which doing activities during the attack. You need to wait and relax. You need also to avoid sounds and bright lights as they can worsen migraine symptoms.

Migraine headaches, symptoms and treatment

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