Warm Natural

11 years ago

Warm Natural
Warm Natural

It’s not exactly summer out, temperatures are still barely above freezing. Trying to save money on heating and still staying warm, takes an extra layer of clothing. Here are some tips to building the best wardrobe collection to keep you warm…

Natural Fibres such as cotton, silk, linen and wool are all warmer against the skin in winter than synthetic fibres while also being cool in the summer. Natural fibres ‘wick’ (absorb and evaporate) moisture away from the skin to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable. Drawing the moisture away from the body also helps regulate your skin temperature. Plastic type fibres can seal moisture in and Wet means Cold!

Layers: Wearing layers is always warmer than wearing one thicker garment. If you have fine cotton, bamboo or silk garments for summer such as vest tops, t-shirts and shirts/blouses, they are just as wearable under a jumper or jacket in the winter. I often wear my summer vest tops under t-shirts in the winter instead of buying extra vests.

Core Warmth: Wearing a body warmer, knitted, quilted, faux fur or otherwise – is another way of adding extra core warmth without bulking up your arms so you can’t work properly. Again, an extra layer can make a big difference in warmth as well as style.

Heads Up: Scarves, hats and gloves are essential if going out in very cold weather. Wind and rain draw heat from the body very quickly and once you get cold, it is much harder to warm up again. It is better to keep warm to start with. Scarves can also be worn as fashion accessories in finer fabrics to keep warm indoors or at the office.

Shoes and boots: Essential to keep your toes toasty. Shoes are also very important to the environment and can be made from leather, fabric, plastic, rubber, wood, metal and other materials, depending on style and structure of the shoe. This all ends up in landfill and has come from a variety of sources, treated in a number of ways and manufactured who knows where? Choosing shoes made from natural fibres, chrome free leather or recycled materials is the best option. Again, there are a number of choices online with more information on why eco shoes are not only better for the environment, but also longer lasting and great value for money. A simple option for adding warmth to a favourite pair of shoes is to use insoles – but choose natural fibres rather than synthetic.

If you truly can’t afford to choose eco shoes, then choosing shoes made in the UK or even Europe can be better than those made further afield. Do some research before buying. My favourite shoe shop gets stock from a German manufacturer and they last for ‘years’!

Shopping: Today, you can get a wider variety of clothing including pants, socks and bathrobes in organic cotton, bamboo and other natural fibres from a number of online shops by simply searching from the comfort of your home.

Baby Too: All of the above goes for baby wear too. Organic baby clothing and shoes. In fact you can find almost anything by searching online using a combination of key words like…

Organic, Ethical, Fair Trade, Vegetarian, Made in UK, Bamboo, Cotton, Hemp, Eco, Natural, Chrome Free, Recycled, Compostable, Biodegradable and more!

Walk yourself Warm: Once you’ve layered yourself up in your warm clothing, if you still feel a little chilly, try going for a walk. This gets your circulation moving and heats your body naturally from the inside while being healthy and rewarding. It’s lovely to come home from a warm walk on a chilly day and then have a cup of organic hot chocolate. Mmmm!

Only turn the heating up as a last resort – and don’t forget to take care of your ethical clothing with eco laundry care too!

Contemporary bedding with warm natural feel?

Hi I am looking for a bedspread for my room, I have just painted it this blue color, this one to be exact http://www.behr.com/Behr/home#view=14;vgnextoid=6bd8ea6621ca5110VgnVCM1000008119fea9RCRD;channel=EXPLORE

jamaican sea, so anywaysits quite vibrant and my room is on the small side, and I was planning on getting a black and white bedspread ( my furniture is white btw) but then I decided it was going to be too cold feeling and I think it would be depressing to me sooo, I wanted a fun, contemporary bedspread, that has maybe some more nuetral tones to calm it down a bit.

any suggestions on where to get something like that?
I like stuff that has like branches and stuff on it too

I think chocolaty browns, curry yellows, or dark taupes look best with watery blues.

Here are a few examples:

Good Luck!

Natural Makeup Look – Warm Tones (using BECCA, RMS Beauty & more)

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