Watercolor Block

10 years ago

Watercolor Block
Watercolor Block

For some people their first experience with rubber stamps was in kindergarten, where playful looking animal images were formed into these devices which gave hours of great entertainment. Custom made stamps are available so that anyone who wishes can have any image turned into a rubber stamp and the possibilities are unlimited.

In case you have a need for stamps that are business related, you can still have anything you need customized including your business name and other information. Some businesses have special needs and may need a slightly different twist on the standard receipt, statement and other billing records. These can be custom made, as well.

There are other people who have a creative flair and enjoy doing crafts that utilize rubber stamps to create art work from simple single stamp images to elaborate scenes, and collages. Any image or detail you wish to have can be made into a stamp and provide you with additional ideas for artistic endeavors.

Rubber stamps that are intended for use with the wooden block application method are provided on sheets of stamps, which a person cuts out along the provided lines and then use the adhesive backing to attach it to the block. Once secured, the artist prepares the stamp to hold the correct amount of ink, and then applies it to a sheet of paper and the result is art.

The artist can create a masterpiece from several different types of ink, and can even create works that look like watercolor prints. These rubber stamps are a wonderful method of making all your holiday gifts to tailor a framed work that is something only that person would appreciate and understand the meaning.

Whatever your needs may be in rubber stamping, you can have custom made stamps which are uniquely yours, and impress your family and friends with your creative ideas and applications of talent to a fabulously enjoyable art form that will endure for many years.

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Can you paint directly on a watercolor block? Usually you need to wet, tape, stretch the paper first, right?

The watercolor block has black glue all around the edge holding a stack of watercolor paper all together. When you paint on the first sheet of the block it will behave the same as a stretched sheet of watercolor paper. be sure to wait for your painting to dry before you cut it from the rest of the block. There will be one area in the center of the long edge without black glue. slip a blade there and cut all the way around to free your top sheet. Have fun Painting.

Blick Presents: Why Artists Choose Arches Watercolor Paper

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