Watercolor Paints

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Watercolor Paints
Watercolor Paints

You should know these top ten things about painting with acrylic paints. Knowing them will save you time, money and even your sanity.

1. Buy good quality brushes. You may find yourself struggling with cheap brushes. Quality brushes also hold up better when stored for periods of time in water.

2. Remember that acrylic dry very quickly. In my opinion this is an advantage to the art making process but a disadvantage if your tubes of paint start to dry out. Always replace the tops on the tubes. You should also keep a mister handy to keep your paint in the palette moist.

3. Acrylic paint is water based, which means that the brushes can be cleaned using water and soap. Regular soap can be used but I recommend purchasing soap made specifically for brush cleaning. You should get into the habit of cleaning your brushes between projects. Don’t let them soak in water for days at a time.

4. Do not let the paint dry on the brush. I have rescued a brush or two after this has happened, but it was not easy. Get in the habit of rinsing brushes as you paint then store them in a shallow tray of water on the side to avoid damaging bristles.

5. Buy a plastic palette keeper. A palette keeper keeps the paints damp and stops them from drying out. It is kind of like Tupperware for your paint. When you are done painting for a session, simply mist everything and replace the top. When working on small projects I have also used paper plates for the paint, and stored them in large zip lock bags.

6. Get into the habit of placing the color in the same position on the palette every time you paint. After awhile, you will develop instinctive habits of where your colors are.

7. Do not use acrylic paints over oil paints. You have heard the term oil and water don’t mix. Well, water based acrylics don’t adhere to oil based paints. The acrylic will not stick to the oil based surface.

8. One of the things I love about acrylics is that they are versatile. Using thin coats of acrylic give a watercolor look to a painting. Simply add water to acrylic paint and you have watercolor paints.

9. Applying acrylic paints thickly will give the painting a surface texture as in an oil painting look. Applying paint thickly in the foreground of a painting for texture gives depth to the finished painting.

10. You can purchase a variety of acrylic mediums to gain different effects. A glaze medium helps to produce a watercolor effect. Gel mediums and texture. Paste mediums add extra body to the paint and make your painting come to life.

Together – with step-by-step lessons and your desire to learn drawing and painting techniques we will bring out that true creativity inside of you and create beautiful works of art! To see acrylic tips, tricks, lessons and to Learn Painting Techniques visit my how to paint instructional site. The best way to begin painting is to follow prescribed instruction and get your feet wet. With a little practice, you will be well on your way to a rewarding hobby of painting. Let http://www.IamPainting.org show you how!

Can I use my watercolor brushes for acylic paints?

I am considering taking a class and I only have watercolor brushes. I was wondering if it would ruin them if I use them.

You can but I would not advise it!
I’m a professional artist and I have three sets of brushes. One set is for watercolours only, the second set is for oils only and the third set is for acrylics.
I do not intermix the brushes as the mediums do get into the brushes well up and into the ferrule where the hairs are collected and held. Once you have oils in them it does not come out and it will not work as well in a watercolour situation because the strands are wider than the brush would be if it was only used in watercolour. The pigments and binders of the different mediums do have an affect on the bristle/hairs of the brush. If you have watercolour brushes then leave them for watercolours only. Do not use those brushes on acrylics. Acrylic is a polymer plastic, the medium will get into the bristles and hairs inside the ferrule and it will ruin the brushes for watercolour. I don’t care how much or how hard you clean them after wards, the brushes will not be as effective with another medium.

Watercolor Painting Basics : Types of Watercolor Paints

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