Watercolor Pencils

10 years ago

Watercolor Pencils
Watercolor Pencils

watercolor pencils?

so my art teacher told me to make a drawing with watercolor pencils, but i dont know how to use watercolor pencils!! can u help??

There are different ways to use them:

1. Create a light sketch using the pencil. Use a wet paintbrush and dab or create strokes on the drawing you made. It’s not advisable to create a very solid picture using watercolor pencils unless you want to achieve a very solid, painterly effect (but this can be already done using actual paint). Most of the time, the drawing is just light and rough and you will complete the job using a wet paintbrush.

2. Wet your paintbrush and use the watercolor pencil or water soluble crayon as a watercolor cake. When I was young, I never had watercolors so I used my watercolor pencils as watercolor cakes and they work just like watercolor. Although if you have actual watercolors, I don’t see the point of doing this (unless of course, you need a certain color that you have in watercolor pencil but don’t in watercolor cake/tube).

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I find watercolor pencils effective in creating intricate details that you might find difficult to do using actual watercolor and a brush.

It’s also advisable to choose a good brand and pencil softness (range of B+). Some watercolor pencils are hard and it’s difficult to dissolve the colors when you wet them.

How To Use Watercolor Pencils -Part 1

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