Wax Wick

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Wax Wick
Wax Wick

My candles burn out because the wick seems to go out by the melted wax Do I use a heavier or ligher wick?

First Time Candle Maker. Lit the candle today and the flame bearly stayed lit, then it went out Am I using to large of a wick or too small The candles are about 2 1/2 in diameter

Is this a pillar or container candle? Your wick is definitely too small. In a 2 1/2″ diameter pillar, I use either 18ply or 24ply flat braid wicking, depending upon the wax I use.
In a jar candle, be sure to measure the inside diameter, not the outside. (Tip: I use a piece of any pre-waxed wick to measure inside a jar from wall to wall. Then measure the length of wick from the end to where I bent, or pressed my fingernail to mark the opposite end against a ruler) The wick size depends on the diameter of wax you need the wick to melt. In a Jelly jar candle, about 2 5/8″, from smallest to largest wick in;
paraffin container ~ 44-24-18Z or 44-28-18Z, paraffin single pour container blend (IGI#4630) ~ HTP 73 or 36-24-24-P
70/30% (IGI #6006) paraffin/soy container blend ~ HTP 83 or 51-32-18Z
100% soy 44-28-18P, HTP 104 or 60-32-18Z.
I hope this helps, but if it’s about as clear as mud, just shoot me an email & I’ll give you my personal wick chart. Have fun!

Wax From an Edible Plant: a must know for survivalist. Part 1

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