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10 years ago

Wood Craft
Wood Craft

What would be a good way for a wood crafts person to get the word out that he makes 18 “wooden doll beds? ?

My friend wants to sell his handmade doll beds but doesn’t know where to begin selling them other than going to craft shows. What can I tell him? I said he can advertise them in a publication but what ones I have no idea. Any suggestions how someone like that can get the word out?

Well, my first thought would be gorge.net classifieds. since that is small and local to my area, do you have a small local internet provider that may have a website that has links? You can go to gorge.net and look on the left hand side of the page part way down and click on th classifeds link for ideas.

How about Etsy.com

Why not take some photos of completed ones and make a flier that can be hung at the grocery store? this way people can see what they are and call to order. Be sure to include the little tear strips at the bottom.


Small festival or crafts fair? The small ones have less expensive booth fees. maybe he can air up with someone that sews doll bedding and they could split the time so he doesn’t have to be there so long and they could split the cost of the booth fee.

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