Wood Easel

9 years ago

Wood Easel
Wood Easel

May I share the happiness I found in the woods?


I sat on a felled tree
wiping my brow;
staring at the dead
barn overgrown with angry elms.
Behind the easel
I saw more than my eyes:
a farm gone,
a family starving,
Man’s ruin.
Their mason jars, a rusted tricycle,
a half burnt doll
trashing the scene
reminding me it was never theirs;
the woods came back
and life moved on.
That’s what I would paint.

this isa poem that will be misunderstood,so,people will trash it..it,s about life,,you paint a picture of life,everyone and everything is trash,,use people ,objects and the earth,then leave them,,great,,,8 out of 10//

Make a wood picture easel using hand tools

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