Wood Mounted

11 years ago

Wood Mounted
Wood Mounted

How to carve wood to fit stones?

I am an artist using wood to mount semi-precious gemstones in the wood. I use a Dremel tool to carve out the socket where the stone is glued in. I just estimate the size of the hole needed to fit the stone fairly snugly, then glue it in place.

I am wondering if there is some simple method to carve
the wood in a more precise manner, so the stone fits in
there nicely, without flopping around too much.

Any ideas?

Purchase an inexpensive caliper (look on ebay) you can see that the caliper has on side that will let you measure the stone and the other side will allow you to fit it in the wood. You may be able to find them at a hobby shop…Plastic one work just as well and cost a whole lot less

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