Wrap Canvas

11 years ago

Wrap Canvas
Wrap Canvas

How can I achieve an unframed canvas look in an irregular size with watercolors?

I would like to create an art piece for my home using watercolors, and I would like the finished product to have the unframed gallery wrap canvas look.

I know that watercolor canvases exist, but they are standard sizes and I want a long thin canvas.

I would consider using watered-down acrylics, and will just do that if I don’t find another way, but I would really like to play with salt (which only works with watercolors, as far as I know).

What are my options? Any watercolor experts out there have advice for me? Thanks!!!
Yes, I do know about watercolor canvases. But does anyone know if you can buy that type of canvas in custom sizes? Like 24 by 60″?

Try these..


or even these..


Good luck!

Living Photo – gallery wrap canvas prints

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