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Xstitch Pattern
Xstitch Pattern

Best source for Geisha fabric?

I am looking for a nice wall hanging or fabric with an elegant geisha face on it for a hand bag I want to make.
Here is a link to something similar…….Unfortunately this is cross stitch pattern..it will give you some ideal of the look I want. Please no punked out geishas or trashy ed hardy courtesan fabrics. I want a close up if the face and hair. Must be nice and classy looking.

Every so often I run across them in places like JoAnn Fabrics. Kona Bay is a company that makes some Asian prints and I think they have geisha prints, so if you can find a store near you that sells Kona Bay fabrics you might be able to get that there. You might also want to try clicking on some of those pictures in your image search. At least one of them (this one: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Geisha+Fabric#focal=013f581d5e5d3aea7083dcea0730200f&furl=http://www.californiaquiltingcenter.com/images/?src=633640894899876274.jpg&width=300 ) links to some actual fabric.

Free Fruits Cross Stitch Patterns by Ann Logan.

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